29 August 2009

Saturday Linking

I'm finding it striking that two of the best storytellers in the medical blogosphere are surgeons.

Buckeye Surgeon: Further Tales from the Nonagenarian Archives
When I walked in her room, the first thing she said was "who the hell are you", in this thick, eastern european accent. She seemed pretty sharp though. She sat upright in bed, meticulously feeding herself some soupy hospital-issue scrambled eggs (yeah, not sure why she was on a regular diet). Her eyes were vigilant and focused, darting right and left
other things amanzi: sacred memories
when i got accepted into medicine as a last minute add-on due to one of their other applicants turning down the post, i knew how lucky and privileged i was. it was the first step in a very long journey and i wasn't going to mess it up.
I thought surgeons were supposed to be dull-witted, hyper-aggressive macho blockheads.  Quit messing with my prejudices, guys!

Also, Dr LaPook takes a look at cancer funding:

Better Health » Cancer Needs A Bailout
The annual budget of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is just under $5 billion.  With over 560,000 cancer deaths each year, that comes to less than $10,000 in research spent for every cancer death. That simply is not enough money spent on a problem that strikes almost 1.5 million Americans each year and causes nearly one of four deaths.
Research for certain cancers is especially under funded.
I'll add as an aside that funding for pediatric cancers is particularly short.

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