02 August 2009

Ranier Arrival

Blue Angels arrival into Seattle, shot from inside the cockpit by Lt. Col. Len Anderson:

Too freaking cool.  Must have been early morning.  I've flown around Ranier in a C-172, but I have to say that there's something for the panoramic view afforded by a bubble canopy.

Also, the HUD is a lot brighter than I had imagined!

Major Anderson is on twitter @Lead_Solo and you can see an interview with him here from the Discovery series "Blue Angels - A Year in the Life."

Yeah, I'm a pathetic fanboy.  If you could magically offer me the choice between being a Blue Angel or NASA astronaut, I'd need to know whether it was for an Apollo mission or not before I could decide.


  1. 2nd yr MD student8/02/2009 9:43 PM

    I am from the Eastside and Seafair is my favorite time of year, I'm right with you about the Blue Angels, best place to watch is from the MI end of the I-90 bridge standing on the bridge deck, better than being in the company skyboxs at the pits (Did both this year). Today solo pilots crossed and pulled up and you could see the jet wash on the lake.


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