21 August 2009

Plus ça change, plus c’est pareil

Tom Tomorrow cites an op-ed against health care reform. Key graf:

The State and Moral Power
US health is probably not as good as the AMA's Dr Fishbein says it is. But it is good enough in comparison to that of the British, French, Germans, Danes, Dutch, and New Zealanders to establish a reasonable presumption that voluntary methods work as well or better than compulsion of one sort of another by the state. This does not mean that some 30 million Americans who cannot afford a doctor should be left to suffer in silence. Public hospital services, free or partly free, are an established part of the American scene, and no stigma of "charity" attaches to them.

Of course, this op-ed was published in Life magazine in 1949, arguing against President Truman's national health insurance program. Change the names, and it could have been published today.

I take that back, the tone of this op-ed is far more serious and far less scaremongering than the typical modern op-ed.

Here's the whole thing (click to embiggen)

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  1. I was discussing with a fellow hospital admin coworker the current reform efforts, and I said, "It's the same as in 1994."

    "They tried reform in 1994?" My coworker was truly astonished. I was a little taken back, because this person has been working in healthcare for two decades and honestly thought this was the first attempt at reform.


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