28 August 2009

Government-run health insurance

Explained via cute cartoons:

via watertiger


  1. food and shelter are also "essential services" and no one really thinks the goverment is the best provider of those.

    sort of lost me early on there.

  2. Exactly. I am not sure why we are trying so hard to protect the profit generating of these companies that continue to take advantage of us. The opponents say the private insurance companies will go out of business. I reply - OK.

  3. I'm all for letting there be a gov't run healthcare insurance plan but not for the gov't taking things over. I've heard at least as many horror stories from places like Canada and the UK about people in gov't run plans & such treated as badly as US participants in for-profit HMOs. The only doctor in 30 miles won't treat your diabetes until you lose 50 lbs, even though your fasting sugars are over 400? (Don't worry, with blood sugars like that those lbs will come off quickly! If you don't go into NDKA & die, that is.) You're allergic to X drug and Y is your only alternative? Sorry, it's not available! Hope you don't die before you can go out of country to get some! Idiots are everywhere and gov't plans are no better than for-profit plans in weeding them out. Arguing that the gov't will somehow do it better is the wrong argument here.

    In my unhumble opinion.

  4. Cute? Yep. Economically illiterate? Uh-huh. Disingenuous? That’s harder. I can’t decide if the creator of this cartoon is dishonest or just hopelessly naïve.

  5. After living in the UK and Australia, I've never had to pay for any hospital care- and that's including having 2 babies (1 was c-section). All my ante and post natal care was covered, and the home visits after.
    My husband broke his leg, had surgery, physio and post op follow up. Not a cent.
    It works for all. If you want a hospital that is like a hotel, get private insurance, but you won't have the same round the clock medical cover that you'll get in public hospitals.
    And all the docs in the UK and Australia get all their training done in the public system so you its not like they're going to secret, private medical school/uni to get superior training.
    Private hospitals aren't in it for research and better treatment for their patients, they're in it for the money.
    God know how those private hospital investors sleep at night making money from sick people...

  6. @anthea

    Maybe because without those investors, there would be no hospital for those sick people you speak of to stay in.


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