13 July 2009

Things not to miss

A couple of new items worthy of note:

First of all, the eccentric and erratic Dr Rob, The Distractible One, also known as "Llama-boy," has been granted that most coveted of spots, a weekly podcast in the Quick and Dirty Tips network!  (Yes, the one with Grammar Girl, and yes, I'm not ashamed to say that I listen to her, too.)  So get thee over to iTunes and subscribe (iTunes link) to the automatic downloads, else, I have it on good authority, Dr Rob has trained a team of ninja llamas in the deadly art of assassination...

Also, I have it on good information that he's nowhere as good looking as his Quick & Dirty avatar.  He looks more like Dr Evil in real life.


The other item of note is that I will be engaging in a live chat tomorrow over at Kevin MD's site.  You can post questions and I will answer them in real time.  It's almost like I will be on the TV!  Except that you won't be able to see me, and there will be a lot more typos.   (A TV producer once told me that I have a great face for radio.  So much for my dreams of being the next Dr Sanjay Gupta and backing out of being Surgeon General.)  The chat starts at 10:30 PM Eastern, 7:30 PM Pacific, and the forum opens early for you to begin posting your questions.  I'll be getting an early start on the Bushmill's, so it should be plenty entertaining.  Topics are wide open, from ER stories, to EMTALA, to medical malpractice, to the seventeen reasons I'm such a pretentious twit.  I've promised to stay off politics unless Kevin gives me the green light -- and what're the chances of that?  So come on by and have some fun with it. I sure will.

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