21 July 2009


If there's one thing I could criticize the Obama adminstration for, it is that they are insufficiently supportive of things that are AWESOME.

Apparently, today, the Senate complied with the wishes of the White House (and every military analyst, and the Department of Defense) and cancelled the F-22 Raptor program.  I mean, yeah, it was hugely expensive and we don't need it and it has no use in the current threats we face, but, but ... it is so fricking cool!  It can go supersonic without even being on afterburner!


I also hear that they are taking a close look at NASA's Orion program, which is intended to return the US to the moon in the next decade; no decisions have been made, but Orion is AWESOME and thus I can only conclude that it, too, will wind up on the chopping block.



  1. Apparently encouraging American-production of American-designed airplanes does not qualify as "economic stimulus".

  2. It's actually a bit more dramatic and a bit more graceful than it appears (ABC article).

    F-22, however almighty, is just too expensive during a time when the nation is knee-deep in two asymmetrical wars while brace through the worst recession since the Great Depression [with no end in sight]. Though just as unwilling to see the production of the "super-jet" ends, i am glad that it does.

  3. Never fear; they ditched the F22 in favor of the F35/ Joint Strike Fighter. What's more awesome than VTOL?


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