16 July 2009

Runaway Jury Watch

(via Whitecoat)

Bronx Jury Awards 60 Million Dollars to Woman in Medical Malpractice Case
Alison Hugh went to Dr. Ofodile for a thigh lift procedure. As a result of the procedure, Ms. Hugh sustained significant injury and deformity to the labia of her vagina which is permanent and cannot be surgically corrected.

Dr. Ofodile failed to inform and provide Ms. Hugh with informed consent and failed to inform her of the risks involved in this type of procedure including the risk of vaginal opening and deformity. Dr. Ofodile failed to use proper surgical techniques by leaving too much tension in the skin of her groin area.

The Bronx jury found that Dr. Ofodile failed to appropriately advise Ms. Hugh about the risks of this type of procedure and that Dr. Ofodile deviated from good and accepted medical practices in his surgical technique.

The jury unanimously awarded Ms. Hugh Ten Million ($10,000,000) Dollars in past pain and suffering and Fifty Million ($50,000,000) Dollars in future pain and suffering.
Regardless of whether the patient actually suffered from negligence (as opposed to a simple unanticipated bad outcome, which is impossible to know), this is ludicrous.  $60 million.   Wow.  I've seen cases where the plaintiff died worth a lot less than that.  (Hell, that's less than the John Ritter case, isn't it?)

And this is just one of the many reasons why juries should not used to adjudicate in medical malpractice trials.


  1. This case is a big win for the American patient. Negligent butcher surgeons need to be taught a lesson. If the jury deemed there was negligence, who are we to argue?

  2. I hope the above post was tongue-in-cheek.


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