02 July 2009


I just noticed that sometime while I was away, the odometer cracked 500,000 unique visitors to this little blog.  I don't put too much emphasis on artificial metrics like that, but it's still pretty cool.  Once again, I am humbled and grateful that you take the time to come by and read my incoherent rantings.   Really, you're performing a public service, because without this outlet I'd be assaulting pedestrians on the streets and screaming at them about the public plan option.  So, well done!

Thanks again for visiting; knowing that you all are reading this keeps me honest and gives me motivation to put out the highest quality material I can.


  1. It's all about the penguins

  2. Does that number include your RSS reads? Because I read all your posts, but this is only the second time I've clicked over to your site... You may be even more popular than you think!


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