02 July 2009

Is today Christmas or something?

Seriously, today must be Christmas, because Google Reader left a whole bunch of presents in my in box and I got everything I wanted!

  • A Senate health reform bill out of the HELP Committee with a public plan!
  • Increased payments for Primary Care!
  • A partial fix for the SGR!
  • Democrats finding their backbone!
  • The AMA sort of supporting a public plan!
  • Wal-Mart supporting an employer mandate!

(We're in "holy crap" territory here, folks.)

There's one lump of coal in my stocking, though -- "alternative practitioners" are included in the health reform plan.

There's so much wonky goodness, I'm going to split this into a couple of posts to discuss.  To follow shortly.


  1. Sweetiepie, that "public plan" loving from the AMA is for the insurance program that Federal employees get that pays docs well which is, so I hear, funded in part by a $750 charge/tax per employee on businesses that don't offer health insurance. Yeah, let's totally bankrupt business, cause people to not get hired for jobs, and cause a f*ckload of people to drop private health coverage as a benefit since the "tax" is probably cheaper. That'll be great!

  2. Greetings from a Complementary Health practitioner Down Under.
    Just a word or two... let's get the nomenclature and understanding correct.
    "Alternative" therapies and substances are just that - alternative - and as we know, are often expensive, and not always safe or credible.
    "Complementary" therapies provided by appropriately qualified practitioners can be useful, effective adjuncts to medical care.
    The USA has many fine institutions which offer complementary and integrative therapies, and from these centers come good research.
    A great deal of this research, and the work in these US centres, informs the work of CompMed practitioners the world-over.
    Properly educated, and well-regulated Complementary health practitioners keep people from over-using precious medical resources.
    Most appropriately qualified CompMed practitioners -in Australia anyway - are quite capable of diagnosing life-threatening conditions, missed by doctors and nurses in the ERs of my country's ailing public health system.
    A competent Complementary / Allied health practitioner can be the plug in the hole in the Swiss cheese.
    Go here for a look at the consequences of the mess in which we find ourselves here:


    Margi Macdonald
    Brisbane Australia


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