28 July 2009

Dumbest Arguments against health care reform

The 10 Dumbest Arguments Against Health-Care Reform | The American Prospect
What we really need is a "bipartisan" health-reform bill -- and if Democrats act properly, they could get one. The myth that "bipartisan" legislation works better than partisan legislation is widespread, but virtually no real evidence supports it. For every successful program passed with support from both parties, you can find another one that failed. There are also plenty of popular programs that enjoyed the support of only one side. Republicans aren't afraid to attack Medicare because some party members voted for it in 1965; they're afraid to attack Medicare because it has been hugely successful at achieving its goal of providing quality, affordable health care to seniors. The future popularity of the current health-care reform will be a function of whether the program works, not how many Republicans voted for it.

More important, Republicans are not going to vote for this health-care reform, no matter what the final bill looks like. Chances are it will get zero Republican votes in the House and maybe two Republican votes in the Senate, tops. Anyone who thinks more optimistically has been partaking of too many free samples from pharmaceutical lobbyists.
This one was my favorite, but they're all pretty good.

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  1. This is one of the biggest issues with our current political system. Everything is partisan. Our goal should not be partisan or bipartisan legislation, our objective should be nonpartisan legislation. Rather than trying to score points for their party, our representatives should be working to achieve what is best for the country - whether it aligns with their party's speaking points or not.


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