14 July 2009


Well, that was a ton of fun.  Thanks again to Kevin for having me, and I swear next time I'll try to be sober.

Oh, who am I kidding on that one?

Best bit: I managed to get in a James Joyce reference.  I had thought I had successfully expunged all Joyce from my head, but then it just came to me, like, well, like a stream of consciousness.


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  1. thanks for answering my question. it's useful to think of health care reform as comprising of 2 arms- cost control and universal coverage.

    unfortunately agree with you that cost control is unlikely to happen, and i might go so far as to say won't happen until the system runs out of money and completely collapses.

    universal coverage, on the other hand seems a much more achievable goal. there are probably mixed thoughts on how much good can come of achieving it but from my perspective (ED doc) it's gotta be a good thing to get everyone covered.

    at least *some* of the newly govt-insured would find a pmd and stop crowding the ed to get primary care, and for those that we see we'll get reimbursed pennies on the dollar instead of nothing on the dollar which is an improvement, right?

    the question is, how will we pay for this plan to insure 97% of the country?


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