12 June 2009

I'm... i'm Speechless

Truly we are living in the end times.

As a side note, I've seen quite a number of the morbidly obese who did need and use just such a device.  Most of them were sort of jury-rigged sticks, not the smooth "anatomically shaped" plastic...


  1. Um, I can't see anything, Movin', is it me or is it you?


  2. I'd rather see someone use it if they need it rather than live in denial. Although maybe a high-tech Japanese toilet seat would be a more elegant solution. :P

  3. @PSGramma - I can't see it either, but I'm reading on my phone.

    @Kipper - Not sure what a. Washlet-type toilet seat would do for a sumo-sized person, whether they're rated for use by people that large (unless they're special models for export), and why they'd spend that much money on one...

    Washlets I encountered while studying in Japan included one or more of the following: heated seat w/temperature control, rear/front water sprayers (w/pressure and temperature controls), air dryer, sound generator (usually flushing or waterfall - saves water by preventing the need of those embarrassed by the sounds of excretion to flush repeatedly), remote control including seat lift/close (for the men of the house).

  4. There are a few orthopedic situations that might be alleviated by this thingy.

    But really, there's nothing more powerful and cleansing than water... so why not get a modified bidet?

    Then, when you're out and about and nature calls, there's even the portable bidet, such as the , Olympia Travel Bidet TB-100, now a mere $69.95 (You save $20!) at HygieneForHealth.com!


    For home use, nothing beat the Universal Biffy!

    Seriously, though, I was brought so low as to almost put a Universal Biffy on my wish-list at Christmas time last year -- I went several months with ill-fitting spacers in lieu of shoulders. Sad to say that even the OT department had no recommendations for how to... um, you know.

    Oh dear lord, I have too much to say on this topic. This does not bode well...

  5. I like the fat dude that says "Being a big guy has its advantages but...."


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