19 June 2009

House health reform bill released

Jon Cohn has the details

Early Word on the House Bill: So Far, So Good - The Treatment
In a week of discouarging developments on health care reform, the House of Representatives has stepped up and offered reform advocates reason for optimism.

Today, three House committees are unveiling a draft of reform legislation they've constructed together. That sentence alone is something to savor. Committee turf battles helped kill reform in 1993 and 1994. Now we have all three committees with jurisdiction acting as one, putting forward the same piece of legislation and vowing to go forward in continuing partnership.

Worth the read, and some encouraging news is well-received just now.


  1. expanding medicaid eligibility and creating a public plan that pays the same as medicare are their solutions? hoo boy.

  2. You left out the money quote:

    But if the House follows through with money to pay for this program--a big "if"

    It's hilarious that "reform" had a rough week simply because a few nerds at the CBO fired up their calculators. Reality bites, eh?

    BTW, when are you going to graduate from Blogger? Even Kevin has come over to WordPress.

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