20 June 2009

File under: Holy Crap

This was buried in the Friday night news dump:

Jobs Had Liver Transplant - WSJ.com
Steve Jobs, who has been on medical leave from Apple Inc. since January to treat an undisclosed medical condition, received a liver transplant in Tennessee about two months ago. The chief executive has been recovering well and is expected to return to work on schedule later this month, though he may work part-time initially.
If true, wow.  Curiously, the WSJ doesn't cite any sources, not the "unnamed insider close to Jobs," not an Apple spokesbot, nothing.  Which is really unusual for a story of this magnitude.  But it's hard to imagine them running with it as a bold statement of fact if they didn't have rock-solid sources, and the timing is exactly as Apple would have chosen, Friday after market close, so I'm inclinced to believe it.

Obviously, I'll be wishing Steve well, and for a complete recovery.

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  1. I notice they didn't mention the therapeutic homeopathic acupuncture touch he's taking via phone psycich as an ongoing treatment...



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