15 June 2009

The Evils of Child Safety Research

Kids Younger than 4 Should Ride Facing the Rear - MedPage Today
LITTLE FALLS, N.J., June 12 -- Children should be placed in rear-facing car seats until they reach the age of 4, two British researchers said.
Oh God.  Is it not enough that they now have to sit in boosters till they're basically old enough to obtain learner's permits?  This would be hell to endure if it were actually legislated by some well-meaning state body.  You just can't interact with your kids in the car when you are back-to-back.  You can't see what they're doing without a Rube Goldberg set up of multiple mirrors, you can't hand them food or a toy without dislocating your arm or stopping the car, you can't turn around and hit them when they're getting sassy, and worst, they can't see the front-mounted video screens that make car rides of more than forty minutes bearable.

Someday there will be research that shows that children who never ride in cars at all have a 100% reduction in motor vehicle accident-related mortality compared to the peer cohort that did ride in cars, and it will be a Class B felony to put a child into a car.  Or perhaps there will be legislation requiring that all children wear protective cocoons and stowed in reinforced cargo compartments.  I don't know where this is going, but one thing is clear to me: Child Safety research must be stopped.  Call your congressman today!


  1. It's probably safer for ALL people of ALL ages to ride rear-facing, so what they should do is install cameras and monitors, build all seats rear-facing, and send us on our merry way... (They would also need to include about 50 hours of driver's training so you could get used to the reversed G-Forces)

  2. I want to see a study on the developmental harm that occcurs to a child who can not look out the front windows, and is isolated in the back seat. Same for the harm that occurs to a child who is protected from all potential injury and never gets to experiance childhood

    At some point people need to accept that life is risky, kids get hurt, most don't die, and most are better for it.

  3. Just more of the You can't be too safe approach. You can be too safe, but this is the same attitude that brought us zero tolerance.

    We are creating a society with learned helplessness as its motto.

    Eventually we will outlaw thinking.

    Or will we only be permitted to think in homeopathic amounts?

  4. Gee, won't be long until we see passengers anesthetized, put in safety capsules and transported as cargo.

  5. PS. Those penguins are clearly a safety hazard.

  6. where the hell are they going to put their legs?

  7. I am installing all seats in my car rear facing, including the drivers seat. This way every person in the car will be safer. I will be moving my backup camera to the front bumper so that I can navigate the roadways.


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