10 March 2009

Super Users

At our hospital, they call the ED staff who have received advanced training in the use of our EMR "Super Users."   We all have administrator privileges and are expected to help other staff and trouble-shoot while we are in the department.

Apparently, it's also the new, politically correct, euphemism for what we otherwise call "frequent flyers."

KaiserNetwork reports about an interesting pilot program in Camden, New Jersey, which targeted just 35 frequent flyers super users who were responsible for over $1.2 million in hospital charges each month.  Through use of a "nurse practitioner, a social worker and a community health worker, the average number of hospital and ED visits each month for the 35 patients dropped from 61 to 37, and total hospital charges were reduced to $531,000."  The annual expense was about $300,000, which was probably far less than the losses the hospital was incurring through unreimbursed services by medicaid.


(h/t DKos)


  1. There is a similar program in Alameda County, CA with similarly good results. It is called Project RESPECT


  2. While that's great, did you notice that it STILL averages to at least one visit per person per month? That's still a lot :-D

  3. Thanks for the information. certainly, clinical superusers are one of your most important resources to drive adoption of your new EMR.


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