22 March 2009

NYT graphs the recession

The Geography of a Recession - Interactive Graphic - NYTimes.com

Click through to the NYT for the fully interactive map.
My county has seen its unemployment double over the last year. Also, bear in mind that the second-lightest color goes all the way up to 10%, which is itself fairly high. [corrected stupid error, thanks to a commenter.] It's pretty amazing how many counties are all the way in the 15%+ unemployment range already.


  1. The way I read the legend the lightest color represents 0-5%.

  2. The unemployment rate in parts of the states rivals the great depression in numbers. During the height of the great depression something like 25% of people were out of work. I am seeing on this map 23% and 22% and 20% unemployment rates. That is not counting all those who have given up looking for work. The number is probably even higher when you include them.

  3. ..the sky is falling, the sky is falling....

    Other than the left coast and rust-belt, looks about normal. Not only does my state look great, so do all of our neighbors. Sorry if the time-shares and Hummers aren't selling.

  4. "The unemployment rate in parts of the states rivals the great depression in numbers."

    Really?? I think the numbers in the middle look pretty decent, If we count off the percentage of previously unemployed you don't get anywhere close to the great depression numbers. I think comparing these two is not the greatest idea, lets remind ourselves that the GDP back then went down over 50% and now it's somewhere around 5-6%. Yes the numbers are rising, but it could be worse.

    Take care, Lorne


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