31 March 2009

Nice Gig

Got a nice email from pediatrician Rahul Parikh, med-blogger/columnist at Salon.   I wasn't even aware that Salon had a blog section.   Rahul also had a nice perspective piece at the LA Times yesterday.

I've not had time to peruse his work in depth, but he takes on the woo of Jenny McCarthy and the Mercury Militia, gives props to Obama's health care reform efforts, and covers the JAMA Mafioso response to their covered-up conflicts of interest.   So I like his perspectives and sense a kindred spirit.

More, I'm impressed by anybody that's able to write "real" columns, as compared to blog posts.   I've neither the time nor attention span to develop a thesis, research it, and pad it out to a thousand words, and then polish it to the point that it's fit for a major publication.  I throw out whatever occurs to me on a given day, anything that catches my interest, and if it's a bit half-assed or rough around the edges, I can live with that.  There's always tomorrow, or this afternoon, or whenever the next post goes up.   Not that I don't try to be thoughtful or have a point, but it takes a lot more craftsmanship to meet the standards of the LA Times.

So well done, Rahul.  I'll be keeping an eye on you, and don't be a stranger.

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