22 March 2009

Medical Malpractice reform under Obama?

Don't count on it.

Open Left:: Obama's Donor Base--A Reminder By Industry
Rank Industry Total
  1. Retired $44,524,860.00
  2. Lawyers/Law Firms $42,861,936.00
  3. Education $22,342,123.00
  4. Misc Business $15,457,514.00
  5. Securities & Investment $14,442,282.00
  6. Health Professionals $11,532,962.00
Source: Open Secrets.

Though perhaps I'm being too nihilistic here. McCain's list looked pretty similar -- though the numbers are much lower due to his decision to funnel most of his campaign contributions through the RNC. Perhaps the real take-home message is that lawyers and their lobbies are better organized and better funded that the physician lobbies, and that lawyers are more politically engaged. That was certainly our experience a few years ago in our state, when we tried to get med mal reform passed via initiative. The local ATLA affiliate ran rings around us in fundraising, and though our polling looked good for tort reform, after the lawyers' lobby saturated the airwaves with misleading ads, the initiative failed by a narrow margin.

I should point out that every time I mention ACEP or the AMA on this blog, I get a comment or an email from a doc who complains that they "don't represent me" and so they will never belong to it. To which I say, fine, that is your prerogative, but the consequence is neutered advocacy groups with very little clout in the nation's and states' capitols.

Bottom line: if physicians want to be better represented in policy and politics, we need to be better funded, better organized, and better engaged.


  1. Lawyers also higher due to higher pay. I know many of those health professional donations that came from nurses, who aren't nearly so well funded as lawyers. (myself included)

    Having said that, as a staunch advocate for professional nursing association involvement, I totally hear your points on the need to join and be active.

  2. Surprisingly, the "average" lawyer is paid less than the "average" doctor, according to Dept of Labor statistics. I still find that hard to believe, but that's what the technocrats say. I wonder if there's an "average-median" effect causing that, but I don't know. Lawyers do get paid better than the average nurse, though. :)

  3. There are a lot of struggling lawyers out there who went to crappy 8th tier law schools and who barely passed the bar. They open small practises and take crappy little cases that pay little. The thing is that there are also A LOT of lawyers who rake it in hand over fist. Doctors may have a higher average but the mean for lawyers and the range is much greater.

  4. Lawyers are paid far less than doctors, thank you very much. And if you check federal gummint salaries (http://www.opm.gov), the pay for lawyers isn't necessarily that much (if any) more than for nurses.

  5. Oh, and did a little research: median salaries for doctors and median salaries for lawyers. No idea how accurate this information is.

  6. Well, if he is serious, he should be able to speed up the processing of lawsuits, most today are being prolonged by a our court system.

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