02 March 2009

I get email

(With apologies to PZ Myers)

Tucson, AZ (March 2, 2009) - A new petition calling for revolutionary health care reforms and health freedoms was launched today at http://www.healthrevolutionpetition.org/

The petition -- which is endorsed by NaturalNews, the Organic Consumers Association, the Life Extension Foundation, the American Association for Health Freedom and other health freedom groups -- calls for an end to FDA and FTC oppression of free speech about dietary supplements. Its ten provisions also call for full income tax deductions on health-enhancing products and services, a halt to the psychiatric drugging of children, the end of mandatory vaccination policies and the legalization of healing practices across the country. (The carrying out of natural anti-cancer therapies, for example, is currently outlawed in the United States.)

It goes on for quite a while, but you get the gist, I think.   

Just for reference, no, I will not sign this petition for woo, quackery, and anti-vaxxers.   But thanks for asking, and please take me the heck off your distribution list.   Ah, never mind, that's what spam filters are for.

Oh, one closing gem:

The petition aims to gather 100,000 signatures in 2009, after which it will be distributed to each member of Congress as well as President Obama and his staff. A special, signed printout of the petition is being delivered to the office of Rep. Ron Paul, who has consistently served as a champion of health freedom for many years.

Yeah, it would make sense that this would be specially delivered to Ron Paul.   Gad, he's a nut in each and every opinion he holds, isn't he?   If nothing else, I've got to admire his consistency.

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