28 March 2009

Epidural Publicity

An alert reader pointed out this article on CNN:

But after hearing about Richardson's death, the McCrackens wondered if Morgan was really as OK as she seemed. After all, Richardson had been talking and lucid immediately after her fatal injury.

When they went upstairs to kiss Morgan good night, she complained of a headache. "Because of Natasha, we called the pediatrician immediately. And by the time I got off the phone with him, Morgan was sobbing, her head hurt so much."
She turned out to have an epidural, the same as Natasha Richardson, but did very well.

This is a weird case on several levels.  She wouldn't even have qualified for a CT scan in the ER based on generally accepted criteria.    The "lucid interval" is usually hours, not days.   And young people -- kids especially -- have tight heads and generally worse outcomes than middle-aged or older adults.   But it does highlight the value of education and public awareness.


  1. Do those guidelines apply to little kids, or do you have a link to those that do? It's interesting.

  2. A six-minute helicopter ride instead of a thirty-minute ambulance ride, in a disease that obviously had a slow progression.

    Speaking of increased costs....

  3. I havent written much lately, but I too wrote about this. The irresponsibility of the coverage of this tragedy has REALLY chapped my hide:

  4. I understand why so many in the medical field are unhappy with the media coverage of this case, but I'm glad more medical "zebras" are being talked about. It took 14 years before I had a doctor tell me I was a zebra, and if more people (including doctors) were aware of my less-than-common affliction, I'm pretty sure I would have a better quality of life.
    And hat's my $0.02


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