05 February 2009

Things that won't win me any friends

At least not in the Bay area.
Evidence in a case against former Giants slugger Barry Bonds was unsealed in federal court in San Francisco.
So Barry was doped.   No surprise.  It was the worst-kept secret in baseball for the better part of the decade. There was never any "proof" other than the ridiculous growth spurt he enjoyed in his late thirties and the testimony of a few not-exactly-trustworthy former associates.  But he had never tested positive, at least not that I can recall.

But the NYT reports today that samples from Bonds collected between 2000-2004 have tested positive for nandrolone, THG, and clomid, among other things.   So there we have it.   The elusive positive tests.   He's guilty and we all know it, and now there is evidence to support it.

It's a pity that he's retired now, since it would be nice to ban him from baseball, end his career in shame, and throw the cheating bum out on his hypermuscular ass.   I wish the Commissioner of Baseball would give him the old Pete Rose treatment, and retroactively ban him (thereby excluding him from the Hall of Fame).   I'm quite confident that Bonds did more damage to the game than Rose ever did.    Full disclosure: I'm a huge Cubs fan, and Sosa was probably also juiced.   If proof could be found of that, I'd support kicking his ass out as well.

The harm that Bonds (and the other members of the steroid generation) has done to the game probably pales next to that suffered by a generation of high school and college athletes who followed in their heroes' footsteps.  Steroid use was (is) epidemic in the locker rooms around our nation, and I can't hold the successful professional athletes blameless for that.  It's very frustrating to me that neither Bonds or McGwire nor any other the others will ever face accountability for their behavior, either in the courts or within their sporting body's judgment.


  1. did he lie under oath? is he in trouble? sure hope so.

    i've always said, bonds is the ultimate synergy between natural talent, a strong work ethic, and anabolic steroids.

  2. Don't weep for baseball... it made this bed.


  3. I'm confused... isn't Clomid a fertility drug?? Why would a baseball player need to stimulate ovulation?


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