11 February 2009

Quoth Krugman

Ignorance is Bliss

The drug and medical-device industries are mobilizing to gut a provision in the stimulus bill that would spend $1.1 billion on research comparing medical treatments, portraying it as the first step to government rationing.

Because freedom is all about laying out vast sums on medical treatments without knowing whether they’re actually doing any good.

Remember this the next time someone talks about “entitlement reform” (which will probably happen in the next three seconds or so.) Health care costs are the main reason long-term fiscal projections look so scary — and here we have corporate interest trying to prevent us, not from trying to spend our health dollar more wisely, but from even trying to find out what we get for the health care dollar.

Yeah. What he said.


  1. Part of the reason seems to be policy-makers making a stimulus to quell worries. I think there are many other instances where these stimulus packages are deeply flawed.

  2. I''m sure the provision intends to compare treatments in order to establish a "best practices" regime.

    When Hillary was running for POTUS "best practices" meant "cost effective", not "best treatment to achieve desired outcome."


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