27 February 2009

Gupta out at Surgeon General?

So hints the WaPo's Al Kamen:


It's been seven weeks since we noted that neurosurgeon and CNN medical reporter Sanjay Gupta, one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men for 2003, was in line to be nominated as surgeon general. But then time passed and former Senate majority leader Thomas A. Daschle's nomination to run the Department of Health and Human Services blew up, much to Gupta's dismay. Buzz is that he's now rethinking whether the job is as attractive as it had appeared. The answer may be linked to the future of the proposed White House Office of Health Reform, which Daschle was also to head, and what part Gupta will play on the new team.

Interesting.  Many have commented that Gupta was an unconventional choice for Surgeon General, having no public health experience.  The theory was that he would function as the administration's media front-man on health care reform.   If that role is not in the offing after all, then it stands to reason that his enthusiasm for the job might wane.


  1. Or maybe he has a illegal nanny??!?!?

  2. "It stands to reason" that if Obama is doing his line-by-line budget audit, he aught to ask if the surgeon general job is necessary

    It's just another salary to pay with no clear job description without outcome to measure.

  3. Sexy but totally unqualified? Maybe he should run for president.

  4. I'm still holding my breath for the announcement of Atul Gawande. Sure, he's a surgeon, but he's a surgery with a strong interest in public health and experience.

    Of course, AP is reporting that it's Kansas gov. As I don't know anything about her, I can't give an opinion, except that i don't think being a government gives the right kind of experience (aka "Gov. Leavitt")

  5. Sanjay's reluctance probably has to do more with his heterosexuality and Neurosurgeon sense of style and decorum...You ever see that Sergeant Pepper Uniform the SG wears???

  6. There was a lot of criticism of Dr. Gupta for being a lightweight talking head, afraid to contradict his CNN bosses. The same CNN that seems ready to promote any alternative medicine/mysticism/wacky fad, as if it were based on science.

    It might be that Dr. Gupta does not wish to defend his ineffectiveness, as the chief medical reporter for a hack news agency, at keeping witchcraft from being reported as medical news. While he would get the vote of Senator Harkin, the pied piper of placebo medicine. Not everyone is as gullible.

    If Dr. Gupta were examined closely, a cynical person might think he isn't even up to playing one of the Village People, never mind Sgt. Pepper.


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