07 February 2009

Guidelines for Twitter

Twitter is a fun and occasionally useful social networking app.   You're basically supposed to give frequent updates on what you are doing and pithy observations on life, in short 140-character clips, or "tweets."   It's sort of like text-messaging the entire world, as they are public feeds.   You can see my twitter feed over there to the right. 

For people new to Twitter, there are all sorts of unspoken "rules" that can be confusing at first -- how many people should I follow, do I have to reply to every tweet @me, what sort of things should I be tweeting, etc.  

One imporant bit of Twitter etiquette is knowing when not to Tweet.   One good example might be, "When you have having a private briefing with the President."  Another example might be, "When you are taking a secret trip to a war zone."  Things like "Just landed in Baghdad" are the sorts of things that get your security detail kind of annoyed with you.   And you might be expected to know better, especially if you happen to be the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee.  Seriously.

Gotta be careful, because Osama bin Laden is on Twitter, too.

(via Swampland)


  1. Hello Shadowfax,

    What do you think of Gene Weingarten's column on Twitter?


    Jeff Deutsch

  2. Back in the day (1987) we called this IRC chat. Though messages could be a bit longer, it was cumbersome to send or read long messages.

    This idea is not new. It simply goes through a webpage now.


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