11 February 2009

A Conversation with a Three-year-old

Walking the pipeline trail yesterday, Second-Born-Son says to me:
"Dad, I don't really like myself."

This was a pretty alarming thing to hear from such a young kid, and he said it in sort of a despondent tone that heightened my sense of worry. I gently probed:

"That's too bad, buddy? Why don't you like yourself?"
"I don't like my body."

Okay, I thought. That's a little strange. A bit young for body image issues.

"Why don't you like your body?"
"I wish it was different."
"Well, what do you wish was different about it?"
"I wish I had a car body. Or a truck."
"A car? You mean . . . like a robot?"
"Yeah. With rocket boots. That's what I wish I had."

I have to admit, that there have been times when I would have appreciated a pair of rocket boots.


  1. Kids just say the darndest things.

    Perhaps he's been watching too many "Transformers" cartoons?

  2. He might enjoy this site. You might want to turn the music down, or off.

    The Hero Factory

  3. Ha! My turning-3-this-week firstborn is not allowed to ask for permission to get out of bed until the first number on her clock is '7.' So this morning I awoke at 6:50 to hear her saying, 'ok guys. I need you to turn into 7 RIGHT NOW. With the first number. The first number has to be a seven. If you can't have a seven by the time I am done here you are going to TIME OUT. Look at me in my eyes, clock. Take a breath and think and make a good choice. Ok, enough. Where is your seven??? Go to time out!'

  4. Now that you mention it, I'd like rocket boots too.

  5. Thank you; this is lovely. A sweet boy and with a precious trust in his Da.

    At that age, it can be comforting to have a parent say, "Yeah, wouldn't it be cool if you could have rocket boots, and I could too."


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