20 February 2009

ACEP Piles on Univ of Chicago

Executives at the University of Chicago Medical Center had hoped their initiative to divert some patients from its emergency room would spark a healthy national debate.

Now they've got one.

The nation's largest group of emergency physicians on Thursday condemned U. of C.'s plans, saying it comes "dangerously close" to violating federal law and calling for a congressional investigation. U. of C.'s initiative is aimed at clearing its ER of patients with non-urgent injuries and illnesses by redirecting them to community hospitals and clinics.

Surprised?  Not me.

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  1. Surprised? Not me.

    Would you be surprised to know that our new First Lady and our President's top political advisor helped create UCMC's tawdry little patient-dumping program?

  2. I knew she was involved with it - the degree of responsibility she bore is not entirely clear. I think it's fair to say that the Obamas have always been pretty invested in the well-being of the urban poor on the South Side (as are the other directors of the U of C). So I would file this program as well-intentioned (as in the pavement of the road to hell) but misguided.

  3. Only a confirmed Hopium eater could call this program "well-intentioned."

    If it had been concocted by Laura Bush and Karl Rove, you would be in full Bush-bashing mode.

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  5. Mike,

    I'd be very interested to hear "your side" of the story -- nothing official, speaking for the institution or anything, but just an insider's perspective on the program, its evolution, and your thoughts on how it's working out. If you would like, you can email me directly at movinmeat at gmail and I'll publish it, unedited, as a front-page post.

  6. The ACEP press release on this story is an embarrassment to all ER physicians. In making his condemnation of the U of C, Dr Jouriles relys on a regretful ignorance of the facts, the worst is seen in his own opinion on how to manage a dog bite. In his own press release, Jouriles says "as a physician who has treated hundreds of animal injuries, I know of no reason why early surgical intervention would increase infection risk." Well had Jouriles bothered to look at ACEP's own recomendations as published on their own website (and of course now widely sited by the Univeristy of Chicago) he would've found the following: "Delayed primary closure is a technique best used for wounds at high risk of infection, such as heavily contaminated wounds, wounds from animal or human bites, and wounds with delayed presentation." The guy is a pathetic clown. A doctor who's never examined the patient, never reviewed the chart, nor talked to any of the physicians involved -- and he makes a ridiculous public statement on behalf of the entire American College of Emergency Physicians. I guess for ACEP it's just another "shoot from the hip" misdiagnosis.


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