21 January 2009

What do 2,000,000 people look like?

Popsci has an incredible picture of the inauguration seen from space.   The pic has a resolution of half a meter; the little black dots are people, and they are largely clustered around the JumboTron screens watching the action.I love even ordinary satellite imagery.  This is way cool.


  1. Very cool picture. And somewhere in those dots near the Washington Monument are my dad, brother, sister, brother in law, and nephews. I was jealous. But so thankful it all went off with out a hitch!

  2. it looks like a bunch of ants! so COOL!

    ps: the magic word for this post is "touth" which sounds like on of nurse K's pet peeve words.

  3. Look just to the left of the Washington Monument, at the border of land and river. There is something there, either a set of docks in the river OR the camera is looking down on the International Space Station. Not sure of the altitude of the camera satellite vs space station, so can't be sure.

  4. Absolutely incredible. I sent it all over the world. Thanks.


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