07 January 2009


Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Apple does it again.

(from The Onion, which for the humor-impaired is not a real news source.)


  1. My current, but near death, laptop would be jealous of a battery that lasts a whole 19 minutes. :-(

  2. Not impressed. Too many damn spin/clicks to type something.

  3. ha ha ha, i didn't get that it was a joke till near the end. I was questioning why taking 45 minutes to type an email was cool. good post, you got me!

  4. Did he say 45 minutes to type an email? No thanks! I sense another Apple Cube...

  5. Hilarious. Went over very well at work :-)

    Seen this?


  6. hahahaha lol! I didn't notice your comments below the video and was increasingly gobsmacked by the whole thing until the news presenter said her 'dicking around' comment - and then i just totally cracked up! I couldn't believe how stupid it was and yet I was totally fished in!

    It is salutary to learn that even after watching and reading Dawkins, Randi et al, that I am still gullible.


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