08 January 2009

Isreal and Gaza

From the Boston Globe's Big Picture series.  On a purely technical level, speaking as a (very) amateur photographer, these are just stunning.  The timing to capture the instant that a missile explodes, or the moment just before impact -- it leaves me breathless.  From a political and humanitarian level, they are pretty sobering.


  1. One can't help but notice the conspicuous dearth of photo essays showing the damage done by the countless missles that have been shot into Israel from Gaza and elsewhere.

    Maybe they're in with the photo essays showing all the carnage (including lots of dead children) created in Israel by suicide bombers. Hmm ... Can't seem to find that section.

  2. Catron,

    Well, that probably is because the rocket damage from Gaza has been pretty minor, at least compared to the response. I'm not criticizing Israel here, just making a comment that as far as exciting journalism goes, the great action is on the other side of the fence. My brother in law is Israeli and served his time in the IDF, so I have strong sympathies for Israel in this matter. But he and I mostly agree that this is probably necessary and very sad and in the end may or may not help move toward a durable peace in the region. I hope it is short, and I hope it is productive, but I don't have a lot of optimism.

  3. pretty stunning imagery by the AP.

    However, when you've got a camera that shoots upwards of 6 frames per second, you can catch just about anything if you hold the button down long enough (spoken from a former news/sports photographer before med school)

  4. Well, that probably is because the rocket damage from Gaza has been pretty minor.

    Nice try, but the obvious explanation lies in the anti-Israel bias that informs virtually all establishment media coverage of that benighted region.

  5. What's neat about claiming everything is media bias (anti-Israel even, wow, that's an impressive spin) is that you just don't have to believe facts contrary to your opinion. Like CNN reporting that 778 Palestinians have been killed as compared to 13 Israelis.

    Like Shadowfax says, that's not the end of the story. The Palestinians provoked the attacks. But, it explains the reason for the photo essays.

    I wonder if there is a problem with treating attacks like these as military instead of criminal actions.

  6. What's neat about claiming everything is media bias ...

    Well, JimII, you've shown that you can set up (and even knock down) a straw man.

    Now, let's see if you can handle my actual point.

  7. The photo is amazing, regardless. Thanks.


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