28 January 2009

I don't usually do this, but...

This made me (and my wife) laugh. It's exactly the progression we have been through with three kids.

Really, we're terrible parents. Please don't tell CPS.


  1. I'm still hand-feeding firstborn and giving him baths on an almost-daily basis. Nice to know it gets better! :)

  2. Oh yeah, great point! Kid one got daily baths, kid two got baths with kid one, but a little less frequently. Now they bathe together, but only when they seem dirty or we remember. Kid three has been bathed a few times in her life. I know at least once at the hospital, and possibly as often as once a month since then.

    I exaggerate, but not much.

    Like your handle, BTW.

  3. How do their baby books look?

    A couple years ago, I delivered a box of stuff to my older brother from his childhood. Included, his baby book, complete with descriptions of important moments--first burps, first steps, etc--pictures, etc. Oddly, his box also included my baby book, which had only my name on the label.

  4. I gotta represent: the books are all pretty much up to date. That's one thing my wife has done well on them all. The pictures are of more or less equal frequency. Though I got a new camera - DSLR - last year, so there are a LOT more pics from 2008 than any previous year. I gotta learn to delete from the card...

  5. True stuff, this.

    And it's not just the hand-feeding sessions and careful, regular baths that, shall we say, become less-frequent events as each new bairn arrives. Oh no. The nursing duration goes down, too--Son One got eighteen months of Mama's Finest; Son Two was pulled off (literally) at nine months, when he started biting; Son Three should consider himself lucky that I dug out the nursing bras for a third go-around--I lasted (barely) six months before saying No Mas!

    You've all heard the pacifier tale, right? First Baby drops his pacifier, and the parents pick it up, rush it to the stovetop, sterilize it in boiling water, cool it off properly, and hand it back (whereupon First Baby, if he's like mine, tosses the thing to the floor again). Second Baby drops his pacifier, and the parents casually hold it under the tap to rinse off any bits of dust it might have picked up.

    Third Baby drops his pacifier, and the parents give it right back to him after first wresting it from the jaws of the family dog.

    (My word verification is proses. Ha!)

  6. This is funny to me because whatever she says at home, I suspect Mrs. Shadowfax would let you get through about 1.1 examples of how neglectful of child number 3 before correcting your exaggerations and detailing how there are in fact lots of things you do better with child number 3 and frankly if you helped out a little more since there are three kids now . . .

    I'm constructing the conversation in my head right now. It's pretty funny.


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