24 January 2009

Happy Birthday, Mac

The Macintosh is 25 years old today.

Over the years, from college to today, I and my family have at various times owned:
Mac SE/30 (with a LC68030 processor running at a blazing 16MHz and a whole 2MB of RAM)
Centris 610
G4 PowerMac
G4 Titanium Powerbook
iBook G4
G5 Powermac (Aluminum case)
MacBook Pro (Intel processor)
iMac (Intel)

I think I haven't missed any. We've also owned the original 5GB iPod, a 15GB 2nd-generation iPod, the second-gen nano, 4th-gen nano, 60GB video iPod and two iPhones. I still have them all, and they all work (and are used) except the original one.

It's been a great run; I can't wait to see what's next.


  1. My first serious computer was the Macintosh SE.

    Not quite as fancy as your SE/30, mine only had a 20 megabyte hard drive and if I remember correctly, only ran at 8Mhz on the Motorolla 68000 processor. It originally came with 1 meg of RAM, but I souped it up by maxing that baby out to 4!

    Whoo hoo!!!

    It was blazing baby, in all its 9 inch gray scale screen glory.

    Only cost almost $3000 before upgrades back in 1989!

  2. My first computer was also an SE. I used it all the way through high school in 2002. I did all my internet-based stuff on a different computer, but wrote papers and such (and played games!) on the SE. It's hard drive finally died not too long after I got my first iBook, but for a short time I was using OS X and System 6.0 simultaneously.

    My two iBooks and MacBook have served me well since, but none has been as faithful as my old SE.

  3. My Macbook is the best computer I've ever used. Can't wait for iLife 09.

  4. I learned BASIC on a Mac, back in the mid-1980's. We actually did an experiment wherein we ran a simple program on an early Mac and an IBM PC dual-floppy (good grief, what a loud, cranky computer), side by side, to see which computer would arrive at the answer first. (The Mac won by a second or two, on average, after many runs.)

    In the 90's, I owned several PC's, due to work-related software one couldn't, at the time, use on Macs, and every single damned one caught viruses, worms, arrrgh, you name it. Yes, we had Norton. No, it doesn't always work.

    So the whole family, and R's business, made the change to Macs in 2005 and all is well again--nary a crash or virus, ever. In fact, I love my Powerbook so much, it's almost obscene.

    Happy Birthday Mac, indeed!

  5. My first one was an apple IIC. Loved it to bits. Green on black, but for some reason had a colour dot-matrix printer.

    I had several very frustrating PCs and currently am enjoying my long-lived love-affair with my iBook G4.


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