20 January 2009

Change Has Come

They've updated WhiteHouse.gov. The new page is a thing of beauty.

Don't forget to check out the blog.


  1. Sheesh SF. Your infatuation with Obama reminds me my preadolscent daughters infatuation with Hannah Montana.

    Please get back to medicine topics and health policy. On those you don't look like a silly seventh grader waiting for a Jonas brothers concert.

  2. Slightly amused that your fellow conservative bloggers haven't mentioned it...

  3. Thank you, ShadowFax.

    It isn't merely about Obama qua Obama. He's extraordinary, no question, but it's that we did it: We. Made. This. Happen.

    It's a good day for patriots. Today I finally feel like I have my country back -- or on its way to coming back -- and for all of us, not just some of us.

    Tomorrow hard, long work continues. Regardless for whom we voted let's hold the President to what he has promised, hold each other to the obligations of citizenship, and stand proud.

  4. Of course--he is extraordinary. Not ordinary, extra-ordinary. He is the One.

    Why the cheap shot at Bush? Why not be gracious, the way Bush has been to him?

    His first chance to live up to what he promised--no more politics as usual.

    He could have been something. Extra-ordinary. But BHO has already proved hs is...ordinary. Same old politics. Same old cheap shots.


  5. Why the cheap shot at Bush? Why not be gracious, the way Bush has been to him?

    I think it is very fair to compare the actions of a leftist blogger to the actions of the outgoing President. Why didn't you ask, "Why the cheap shot at Bush? Why not be gracious, the way [right leaning bloggers] have been to him?" Is it because that would be silly and ridiculous?

  6. JimII-

    Obama as well as Bush have been subject to unkind writing. But as two men, Bush has been very kind to Obama. After being hammered by him him the campaign, he was still gracious in their meetings. He even requested the 2nd of the big money bailouts to spare BO from having to do it.

    Now it looks like BO is kicking him when he doesn't have to.


  7. I thought Obama was very restrained in his Inaugural with regard to the Bush-bashing. He certainly did not throw in any ad hominem bits nor open criticisms of his policies. I was hoping for more red meat, but restraint was probably a better choice. The only "cheap shots" were in fact Obama telling the country that he was taking the country in a different direction, and making a case for the rightness of his policies. Seemed polite enough for me, considering it is a president who is likely to go in some VERY different directions and manners than the previous on.

  8. I didn't hear much bashing at the inaug (at least not from BO--and I refuse to listen to Keith-O). But the new White House website is pretty harsh. It's not politics as usual--it's a permanent campaign as usual. Why not just tell us what he's doing? Does every liberal have to hate Geo Bush and make sure we all know about it? Sheesh.

    And where's my free gas?

  9. I was just impressed that in his address that he mentioned that we are a nation of Christians,and muslims, jews and Hindus, and NONBELIEVERS" (paraphrased) He managed not to just assume that all of us follow a major organised religion - or any at all!!!!!
    There is hope.

  10. ERP,

    Is liberalism your religion and Obama your Messiah? Get a hold of yourself before you drink too much poisoned cool-aid.


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