30 January 2009

Bird Brain

Bird Brain detail Erin Jessica King
Cute.   Street Anatomy is treasure.  If you're not reading it regularly, you should be.   They've beefed up their posting a lot lately, with some new contributors and it's really paying off.   I would particularly recommend this not-entirely-safe-for-work post.   Very cool stuff.


  1. I followed your link over to Street Anatomy - hadn't been there in awhile and I appreciate the heads-up. All I can say about Shu Konishi's work is . . . WOW!!! There's some serious talent there!

    I have to say you've got some talent there too, Doc, just not in the same field. It's a whole lot tougher to work on moving bodies than clay ones....

  2. THANKS for the site!!!! I was one of those ornithologist premeds; now that I'm in medicine, I deal with the true bird brains....

  3. That female bodies "art" is gross and quite mysognist, don't you think?

  4. I find the female body forms weird but beautiful. Definitely weird. I think if you look at all renditions of female bodies as objectifying, I could see where you were coming from, but these seem pretty value-neutral to me.


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