29 September 2008

Why I love the Huffington Post

Check out that headline and the graphic. Oh, the pathos! Yes,this is a big deal, but the banner headlines on the site are pretty much always in the apocalyptic "Next Coming" font, even for more mundane stuff. And that pic! I'm sure it's photoshopped -- the Capitol is in full sunlight despite the ominous black clouds. But it's a beautiful effect; finely crafted on pretty short notice.

It's basically the New York Post of the left. News, but full of drama, hyperbole, opinion (and some questionable veracity). Take it for what it's worth, but it does bring a smile to my face.


  1. What? You're smiling? I'm wondering if my family's going to end up homeless.

  2. Not smiling at the news, just at the over-the-top presentation.

    And for the record, I was buying today. Yeah, these are scary times, but I'm not panicking.

  3. It might be photoshopped, but sometimes when it's stormy, you get light like that, coming in at an angle from between the really angry dark clouds. It's a photographer's dream. I got lighting like that at Zion a couple years ago. It was incredible.


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