19 July 2008

Weird Shift

I had this strange patient sequence symmetry going on for my entire overnight shift.   I saw two headaches, then two seizures, then two abdominal pains, then two fevers, then three MVAs, then two flank pains, two psych patients, and two lower extremity injuries to close it off.  

Also, I went an entire shift, saw seventeen patients in eight hours -- a decent but unexceptional number -- and admitted none.  Not one.  In our ER we usually admit closer to 25% of the patients we see.  I didn't even page another physician for the entirely of what was a rather busy shift.   Well, not counting calling radiology to see where the hell my scan results were.

And now we just put the last patient up for discharge -- this whole ER is empty.  Empty.   I can't remember the last time that happened.

Full moon, I guess.



  1. You realize that you just jinxed yourself. ;)

  2. I was just going to say that you're now jinxed!

    Some days chickens, some days feathers.

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  4. And just think - for full moon last night, we had a roving band of miscreants beating the hell out of random people. We'd get an ambulance run about every 45 minutes with a different set of injuries.
    The next full moon, your karma is gonna be worn out.

  5. Last night I had two dudes who had drunk two beers that were shot twice by another two dudes at two am.

  6. Talk about weird (and funny)...

    Actual chief complaint from a middle-aged woman tonight: "My vagina is cold."

    I don't think we have a thermometer for that.

  7. EMTern - What do you say to that? For that matter, how do you try to come up with an answer without laughing yourself half to death?


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