24 July 2008

Orac reads the Tea Leaves

As a true Apple Evangelist, I watched the Stevenote (to the uninitiated, Steve Jobs keynote address at the WWDC conference) where Apple unveiled the 3G iPhone. Like very many others I was struck by how gaunt Steve looked, and like many others, I worried that his pancreatic cancer might have returned.

That seemed unlikely to me, since I vaguely recalled that he had had an atypical cell line tumor which was not associated with recurrence or mortality. But he still looked terrible, and it was noted by the analysts and other folks who provide market guidance for investors. One speculated that if Jobs were to die or become disabled that up to $20 Billion in Apple market capitalization would simply evaporate.

Today, Orac has a very insightful and detailed post with informed speculation regarding the possible nature of Steve's issues and the treatment he may have undergone. It rings true, and though there's no way to know if Orac is correct, I find this line of reasoning very reassuring.

I'm hoping Steve is well, and I'm still long on AAPL. I just got back from the local Apple retail store where I tried to buy a 3G iPhone, but the line was 2 hours long and I had two kids with me, so I bailed and will try again, sans kids, tomorrow morning.

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  1. There is an article in the NYTimes today, in it the reporter reports (as he should) that Steve Jobs called him to give him info on his medical issues.

    Jobs does not have cancer, but he has other serious non life-threatening illnesses.

    All the docs can now guess as to what he has.


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