27 July 2008

Obama: Übermensch

An encounter at a gym in Germany:

He goes and picks up a pair of 16 kilo weights and starts curling them with his left and right arms, 30 repetitions on each side. Then, amazingly, he picks up the 32 kilo weights! Very slowly he lifts them, first 10 curls with his right, then 10 with his left.
Okay, the man can hit a three-point shot, and he can curl 70 pounds. Why are we even bothering holding the election at this point? By all objective criteria, Obama is clearly more qualified to be President.

Um, wait, what's McCain's clean and jerk?


  1. "Why are we even bothering holding the election at this point?"

    That's why.

  2. "He's kind of goofy looking. He makes a great speech. He appeals to the misty-eyed idealism of every college freshman in America starting out on their college degrees dreaming of how they are going to change the world. He talks about hope and change. He doesn't talk about what he's hoping for or what changes he wants to make to what or to who. But do not be fooled by this seemingly harmless yet hopeful candidate for President. If elected, Barack Obama along with a Democrat controlled Congress, will greatly harm this country and thus he is without doubt the most dangerous man in America, and by extension, the most dangerous man on the planet."

    And that's why.

  3. Uhh and republican presidents and congress brought US were it is now (e.g in huge debt, disliked by most of the world and stuck in oil wars) . I dont think anything short of another republican term can make this country worse

  4. If you weren't previously aware, Obama was in Germany to visit military bases, but decided against visiting the American military bases because he found out his photographers and PR staff would not be allowed to attend (only military photographers would have been allowed---there are laws keeping candidates from using military bases as a place for photo ops/political propaganda). He decided to work out and shop in Berlin instead of visiting the troops.

    Sounds like a good candidate to lead the troops indeed. Why waste time visiting the troops if you can't take photos to show your compassion for the wounded vets to the voters? I'd have loved to visit a military base while I was in Berlin earlier this year just to see what it was like if nothing else.

  5. McCain probably can't lift much, owing to his many injuries from the POW thing. But Bush is 60 and could still kick BHO's ass.

  6. Sigh. So much for light-hearted political humor. Oh well.

    Having said that, K, your facts are not quite right. Obama was informed by the Pentagon that, like other CODELs, he was welcome to visit with his senate staff. However, he was traveling with his campaign staff, who are not permitted under DOD rules. Counter to McCain's lies, there was never any plan to bring the media to Landstuhl -- per MSNBC report, and Obama did visit with wounded soldiers in Afghanistan (and did not make a media event out of it). McCain's attack ad which accuses Obama of not making time for the troops amusingly shows Obama shooting hoops -- with the troops. Man, they can't get anything right.

    Oh, and one might wonder on McCain's excellent European spring break, why didn't he stop by and visit the injured troops?

  7. This is the kind of dialogue that just makes me so tired of the whole process, and makes me worry that the republicans will snatch this election yet again. The uber-cons twist the truth just enough that the new "facts" sound legitimate, and then the explanation for why they're wrong isn't nearly as exciting as the lie. Thank God for Shadowfax--keep fighting the good fight!

  8. Even if you're 100% right Shadow, he STILL canceled visits to the troops, but made time to go to the gym and go shopping. It looks bad if nothing else and gives the impression that he doesn't care about the troops. His campaign message is...I'd rather go pump iron and have liberal doctors talk about how buff I am rather than go talk to some soldiers. Hey, I won't even give a reason for my cancellation despite the bases making preparations for my arrival.

    Do you REALLY think if the European media would have been allowed to follow him around that he wouldn't have gone to shake hands with some wounded soldiers?

  9. Nurse K,

    It did look a little bad, but the flip side would have been worse, had he, as you suggest, visited with cameras in tow. A candidate using wounded soldiers as campaign props would have rightly drawn a great deal of criticism.

    Again, look at the record. Ha has visited the military hopsitals in Afghanistan and at Walter Reed, and always without media. It's a pity the visit was cancelled, but I rather doubt there was some nefarious reason or that he jsut doesn't care.

  10. In lieu of the visit, he went shopping and pumped iron, impressing Shadowfax to no end...how is that not nefarious?

    Obviously, things can happen which require the canceling of an event, but, dude, it's really hard to justify canceling it when in its place, he bopped around like a Hollywood celebrity, finding a camera or 100 along the way. Just sayin'.

  11. I call BS on that -32 kilos for one arm is A LOT of weight (70 lbs for those metrically challenged).

    Strictly(e.g wihtout swinging and back involvment) curling 70 lbs dumbell in one arm for 10 reps is quite a feat. I wont belive unless I see it

  12. Well, the real flip side would have been to visit the soldiers and actually visit them--no cameras, just use his powerful personality for good rather than evil. Cheer them up, make them feel special, help them writes letters home.

    And he could have done it with no cameras. If he had wanted to. Except he decided to do something else. Something with cameras.


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