25 July 2008

Now that's Presidential

Transcendent. There's really no choice this November, is there? What an event -- two hundred thousand people came to hear Obama speak. (Fun fact: they were mostly all German, but they all speak English well enough to understand him!) And did he ever deliver. This was transformative a foreign policy speech as his earlier one was on race. Obama is going to win, win big, and America will be a better place for it.

Know Hope.


  1. Too bad Germans don't get to vote.

    And if you really think he's going to win big, you've been smoking too much of his hopeychangey stuff.

  2. Shadowfax I really hope you are right. I am so sick and tired of this "Great Divide" in America and really do believe and hope that someone can pull our nation out of it.

  3. I can't figure out how to get the hopeychangey into my crack pipe, but I'll keep trying...

    How big is win big? I dunno -- I'm just spit-balling here. The last two elections had popular margins of 3 and 0.5% or so; I think it will be not as close as those. But if the popular margin were much over 5-6% I would consider that fairly surprising.

    Electorally, I think it will not be close. Obama does not currently trail in a single Kerry state, and is leading or competitive in half a dozen Bush states. It's a long time till November, so I'm not counting my chickens yet, but there is a significant likelihood of a 30+ EV win. Statistician Nate Silver calculates a decent chance of a 100+ EV win. His site is worth a look if you like statistics and politics.

  4. What I like about this speech is the reminder that so few years after expelling the most evil regime in history, the German people were able to join the world again and be a force against the new evil.

  5. The link is cute. It's pretty easy to tell the difference between the We Are the World Lyrics and Obama's speech, but I admire the effort.

    It reminds me of the numerous examples of how John McCain and George Bush's policy positions are identical.

  6. Sorry, here's the link.


  7. The German Press says it was 20,000 people. But maybe the media crowned Messiah gave them all loaves and fishes as well.

  8. Wait--they could understand him because they speak English? Doesn't Obama speak German? How can he embarrass the US by going to another country and just getting by with "Merci beaucoup"???


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