02 July 2008

It's just stuff

Washington congressional candidate Darcy Burner lost her house in a horrific fire yesterday morning. The former Microsoft exec was woken by her 5-year old son at 7AM, as he shouted "Mommy, there's a fire in my room!" She, her husband, son, and puppy all got out safe (the family cat did not). The house was consumed in minutes.I've been a fan of hers since she lost narrowly to Reichert in 2006. She's smart, sophisticated, and progressive, and also something of a Netroots hero. This may just be her year, though it's clearly not her day.

Obviously, she'll have to take some time off the campaign trail and off fundraising while they get their life back in order. If you're inclined, head over to ActBlue and show her some support.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go check the batteries in the fire detectors in my kids' rooms.


  1. Ah... those smoke alarms are so annoying! Sometimes they beep for no reason, even after the batteries have been changed (ours are wired together, so if the battery of one is low, they ALL beep!).

    But, oh... so necessary.

    And not just for telling us when the pizza in the oven is done.

    Our severely learning disabled son moved the kitchen fire extinguisher to a more logical place after a close encounter with a kitchen fire. His "honor student" younger brother managed to set a mini-pizza on fire in the microwave.

  2. For once in my life, I'm not going to laugh at the irony here, I have two cats and I don't even want to think about being in her shoes.


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