21 July 2008

Airplanes and Politics


Airliners.net, home of obsessive planespotters worldwide, has a new pic of Obama's jet:

Note to McCain: it's a Boeing 757 (American made). McCain's plane? A french-made Airbus A320.


D'Oh! I forgot McCain got a new ride, too. He used to fly about in a chartered JetBlue A320, but recently switched to a renovated 737:

In case you're curious, it's called the "Lap Dog Express" because there's a VIP section up from where the "good" reporters can "earn" the right to sit with the candidate.

The old ride:


  1. Not that it really matters but the plane in the picture is a Brazilian Embraer and not an Airbus. I thought it was pretty comfortable to fly on but my SO it scared of them. Air Canada uses them a lot too.

  2. Gaaah! Right you are! (hangs head in shame) Actually, that's damn observant. It's N274JB as seen here, an Embraer ERL 190. I pulled the photo from a page which showed McCain walking away from an Airbus, but without looking carefully I picked the close-cropped one assuming it was the same aircraft. Damn. You have a good eye.

  3. What's wrong with McCain using an Embraer or an Airbus jet? Would it make him less "American"? Just wondering....

  4. Ah, just s fun cheap shot, like when I go to Wrigley Field and we hassle the fans of the visiting team. Boeing's just the "hometown team."

  5. Not to get overly political, but it does amuse me that someone who has stated that he is concerned about carbon is zipping around in a private 757.


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