12 June 2008

St Baldrick's Follow Up

The St Baldrick's campaign for 2008 is not over, but since most of the fund-raising takes place around the signature shaving events, the bulk of the gifts have been given. Results at this point:

Shadowfax raised just over $17,000
Nathan's Network raised just under $40,000
St Baldrick's overall is at just under $16,000,000, and on course for their 2008 goal of $18 million.

You may recall that in March I profiled faithful reader and pediatric oncologist EMH (M/N 977). The good news is that today we learned that her research is being funded through St Baldrick's! She writes:

To all the readers who supported the St. Baldrick's Foundation... thank you for contributing the funding that was just awarded for my research!

The funding will support my work for pre-clinical trials in 2 mouse models of medulloblastoma. I will testing the efficacy of a promising oral agent called IPI-926, which has shown anti-medulloblastoma activity in human and mouse medulloblastoma cells. If effective, this drug could move toward clinical trials for children with medulloblastoma.
This, while of course very preliminary, may prove to be of benefit to kids like Henry, who is undergoing chemo and radiation for his medulloblastoma.

I can't tell you how proud and grateful I am for all that we accomplished this year, and to see it translated into real research being performed toward curing these cancers is wonderful. Thanks again to all of you who supported this campaign, and if you are a new reader, you may look at the pictures of my shaved head here, and if you enjoy them you are ethically obligated to click the below link and toss a couple bucks into the pot -- and towards EMH (M/N 977)'s research!



EMH (M/N977) has been outed -- in a good way! She was featured in a very nice write-up over on PZ Myer's uber-science-blog, Pharyngula! Way to go, Beth!

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