23 January 2008

A Real-Life ER Doc

Lots of folks think working in the ER is exciting, and sometimes it is. But many if not most days are like running on a treadmill -- working hard but not really accomplishing anything. There are days I joke my job could have been performed by a trained monkey with a DEA number and a stack of preprinted Vicodin prescriptions.

Over at Ten out of Ten, read a marvelous post in which the writer describes a typical shift, keeping score on the well-known "Useful/Not So Much" scale. Very well-done. And, I might add, a more interesting/satisfying shift than many.

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  1. While I've only had care that could be considered 'life saving' once (but I did discover that if you stagger up to the registration desk pretty much not breathing, you get seen very quickly!), I have never left without being very grateful for the care I received. On two occasions that involved only pain medication and a prescription for muscle relaxants, and I know that wasn't challenging for the prescribing doc, but man did it make my weekend much less agonizing. So thanks for being there when we have emergency problems as well as for restoring comfort and quality of life after hours and on weekends and holidays.


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