02 January 2008

An Introduction

First-born son and Second-born son were very excited to meet First-born daughter today.

All is well.

Sporadic blogging may be expected for the next couple of months, with many a terse three-AM post. I hate one-handed typing...


  1. Congratulations, Dr. SF!!

  2. yay!!

    congrats to you and the ShadowFamily!

  3. Congratulations!

    Didn't she know she was supposed to hurry it up a couple of days so you could get your tax deduction?

  4. Congrats to the whole family!


  5. Elizabeth is right...you'll have to send the little sweetie a bill for that missed deduction someday. But congrats! I'm sure she'll be just as welcome :-)

  6. That's so great, Shadowfax. Congrats!

  7. Hooray! Many congratulations!

  8. congrats for your whole family- what a cutie-pie!

  9. Congrats. I wish mine were little again.

  10. Mega Congratulations!
    She is adorable!

    When we had babies I had a large wrap around nursing pillow. DH used it on his lap to sit the baby on so he could type with 2 hands.

  11. How wonderful. You are very blessed.

    And you'll be wrapped around her little finger in no time.

  12. when you find yourself typing one-handed in the future and need a topic, here's an article from the seattle times:

    comments? (can be addressed by other ED MDs out there...)

  13. As the father of two daughters, I’ll let you in on a little secret that will save you a lot of wasted effort—resistance is futile. You will give her what she wants. Get used to it.

  14. She's beautiful...what a blessing!

    Congratulations to you and your family!

    What a wonderful way to start out the New Year too. :)

  15. Oh my...she's precious.


  16. Mazal tov! What a blessing!

  17. Congratulations--what a wonderful way to start 2008. Enjoy your time with the little one. :)

  18. That is one cute baby! Congratulations!

  19. Oh wow, a beautiful daughter after two sons--what's your secret? After my first two lads, I saw the writing on the wall and noticed that it contained a lot of Y's. Enough, already, I told the husband, who agreed. And then proceeded to miss the appointment with the urologist due to having the flu, and the rescheduled one after that, due to a race, and then he forgot all about the next rescheduled appointment--cutting to the chase, we now have three sons.

    I have several ballet tutus and related frilly girlstuff collected hopefully over the years that I should send you, since I really, really am finished!

    Seriously, congratulations on your newest little shadow. She's gorgeous.

  20. Oh wow, she is so cute, congratulations :)

  21. She is adorable. I have three kids, the two older are boys and the last was a little girl.

    So far she is often more trouble than both boys put together - :-p

    Actually, she just found more fun and innovative ways to get into mischief. Possibly because her motor skills progressed much faster than the neuro skills. I could hear little baby giggles as she climbed the stairs at five months old (the boys kept leaving the gate open).

    Like your second son, she liked to redecorate the house. She invented "paint rain" in the kitchen, left paint hand prints on the freshly painted basement walls, and then she painted the bottom of her feet blue and walked up the stair carpet.

    It turns out she is very artistic, and just today we bought lots of sketch books and pens at an art store.

    Ah, and litbrit, not all little girls like pink. I could only dress her in pink up until she was about four years old. Presently as a 13 year old her clothes from the Fred Meyer boys section and Hot Topic, her favorite color is green with black, and skulls (something Dr. SF has to look forward to).

    Though we did pick up some Flamingo Pink hair-dye for her after the Atlantic Blue in her hair fades.

    This is her Halloween costume:

    There is also something about having two big brothers that influences play. She destroyed all her Barbie dolls, and used the Barbie furniture for the beany babies. The boys had been given a D-Day commemorative GI-Joe which they actually played with... all the miniature weaponry was given to the beany babies. My daughter had well-armed beany babies driving a Barbie mini-van.

    She is a delightful kid, and we share the same warped sense of humor. Not only does she like Hot Topic, but also Half Price Books and the library.

    So have much fun with your little ones. They grow up much too fast.

    And if they kids become a problem, just do what this family doctor did... send them out of the country:


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