19 December 2007

A successful haircut...

I got a haircut, and nobody noticed.

Yes, I am male.


  1. Far be it from me to snark....

    but could it be that they don't want you to feel bad about a bad cut? ;0)

    I agree, though - I love it when it comes out *just right* and nobody notices. It's a combo of a great barber and getting it done about every 18 days for me.


  2. When it gets to the point where I am constantly sitting on my hair, I'll have as much as six inches of it chopped off. And no-one notices.

  3. I have worked in the same office for 7 years and have walked in with a completely new hair color and no one noticed.

    I work with all me. Maybe that's why. Not sure why the ladies didn't notice yours. Women usually notice those things.

    Maybe you just never get straggly looking and it is always neat. They wouldn't notice if that were the case. Yeah, stick with that one.


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