13 December 2007

The New GOP Savior

Not Fred Thompson. The other one.


  1. Gotta love the power of the people. It is amazing that I could simultaneously laugh at the comedic portrayal of the frontrunning crop of GOP, and cringe at the pronunciation of "jalapeƱos" while they show a picture of completely different chiles. I think they were thai chiles.

  2. I'm pleased with Huckabee's success. I think it may be because he is a former fat Christian making a play for national politics from out of nowhere.

    However, I also thinks he straight inherits Bush's 48% from 2000 & 2004, and thus he is a dangerous candidate for Dems. I think Hillary kills Rudy because for many people they're the same person and it is time for a change of party. Mike is not the same as Hillary.


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