25 December 2007

Merry Christmas from Seattle

We got surprised by an intense snowshower and had an unexpected white Christmas! Hope yours was as nice.




  1. Same here in Denver! Christmas Eve day was sunny and in the 50's. The next morning? Snow all day.

    Have a great 2008 Dr. SF.

  2. The holiday picture is beautiful. I thought your brilliant readers would like to read this as well.
    Scientists say polio virus may re-emerge in coming years, possibly infecting millions

    The 19-year-old campaign to eradicate polio is celebrating recent progress and an unexpected infusion of cash, but experts are coming to realize they will not be able to end the laborious efforts to control the virus any time soon, The Washington Post is reporting. Ridding the world of polio will be a far messier business than the 1977 eradication of smallpox, which remains a unique achievement in medicine. That is because it is now clear the virus that causes polio could re-emerge in the coming years, and possibly even decades, after the last case is found. The reason involves peculiarities of poliovirus and the oral Sabin vaccine being used to eradicate the disease.By Gene Koprowski, Editor-in-Chief

  3. Cool. You are living in a Christmas card.

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