02 November 2007

The worst words in Emergency Medicine

via radio, from EMS:

"Car vs child in driveway."

Backed over and dragged. Very very lucky -- only rib fractures and minor pulmonaqry contusions.

Why I got a car with a back-up camera.


  1. Oh yow, that just makes me nauseous. Glad the kid was ok.
    I have to go vomit now~
    your trusty pediatrician friend

  2. My last car had a backup camera; and, so does my current. It's now a non-optional option for my new vehicles.

  3. this scenario was my single worst ER experience.

    4 year old, carried into triage by mother, seizing. EXCELLENT nurse grabs kid, grabs only extra room, get the docs (me et al). "Car hit him." On my way over, I told the secretary to call a level II alert (pedestrian struck.) Got in the room, saw what was happening "shit, upgrade that to a Level I, get me the airway bag." Packed into the smallest room in the Peds ED. I'm holding jaw thrust while kid's being hooked up, IV'd, etc. Only place for me is straddling him, on the bed (felt like I was on freakin ER.) Got a pulse? Good. This room's too small, clear out bed 9, let's move. They wheel me and the bed there, we get ready to intubate. Need drugs b/c of the seizure; can't get mouth open. Tubed...and now pulseless. CPR started, chest vented, 30-40 min of code. Belly's blowing up...let's FAST him. FULL of blood. Still dead...operate or call it? Peds Surg says call it.

    What happened? Riding tricycle in the parking lot of his apt complex, run over by an Explorer.

    Oh...and the previous occupant of bed 9? "That was very rude how I was kicked out of there into this hallway bed, very unprofessional"...with her 13 year old with a cough.


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