06 November 2007

A new threat

In which I am confronted with a new danger from an unhappy patient.

Read it here.

The ER remains a profoundly strange place to work.


  1. Wow! Sounds like a character in a movie. Creepy too.

    You handled it well.

  2. FYI.

    My husband - medical acupuncturist extraordinaire points out that acupuncture apparently cures voodoo hexes. An eye for an eye, a needle for a needle.

    Seriously, there's good evidence for acupuncture in chronic pain conditions. Maybe you could refer some of your opioid-seeking patients, since their opioids don't seem to be working. (Ha! I kill me.)

  3. Hope you're ok. I'm on pins and needles...

  4. And by the way: it's meaningful (although I don't know in what way) that a certain Pacific Northwest city is highly represented on that blog over there...)

  5. please tell me that you never took the night turn? because this is the real nightmare, in the night all the patients becomed a real demons.


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