14 November 2007


I don't generally do them, but I ran into a fun one over at EMS Haiku, and I've had a crappy day so I thought I would hijack it and indulge myself.

My Five Favorite aircraft:

Beech StaggerwingElegant and refined, aesthetically perfect. There's one that flies out of my home airport every few weeks and I love hearing the growl of its radial engine as it flies over my house... just beautiful.

Supermarine SpitfireEngland's premiere fighter-interceptor of WWII, with its distinctive elliptical wing, forever locked in mortal combat with its foe, the ME-109, in the Battle of Britain.

Lockheed Constellation
Lovingly remembered as the "Connie," with the triple-tail design and gracefully arching fuselage lines. Last of the great piston- and propeller-driven airliners in the Golden Age of Aviation...

Adam A500
As modern as the Connie is archaic, but sharing the same graceful design elements of flowing lines and a distinctive tail. The A500 was designed by Burt Rutan (legendary designer of the Voyager, Global Flyer, and Spaceship One). It features twin engines with centerline thrust, advanced avionics, seats six in luxury, cruises at 225 knots at 25,000 feet, and will set you back a cool $1.25 million. This plane is why I still play the Lotto.

Pitts Special
Short, squat and incredibly maneuverable, the Pitts has come to represent aerobatics in the public mind. Since its introduction in the 1960s it has been eclipsed in competition by more agile spindly, ugly little things, but the Pitts remains a staple at airshows world-wide and is capable of any aerobatic maneuver that you can think of.

Tough to edit the list down to only five. I could list a dozen WWII planes alone as "favorites." (How could I leave the Corsair, or the Lightning off my list??!?) Decisions, decisions. I won't tag anyone with this, since I detest memes for the sake of memes. But if you like planes, feel free to run with it.

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  1. SR-71 Blackbird. In my considerably less than humble opinion, the "Sled" is the coolest aircraft EVER. They have such gloriously sinister lines - I could spend hours at the Museum of Flight just gazing at that aircraft. And, being a big fan of speed, I have a soft spot in my heart for anything that can attain Mach 3.


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